We Provide Arizona Attorney Opinion Letters

We Provide Arizona Attorney Opinion Letters
Stein Law is thrilled to announce the launch of its affiliated website, www.arizonalegalopinions.com, which is focused on our practice area dedicated to preparing attorney opinion letters for all commercial real estate lending transactions.  We charge a flat fee for our attorney opinion letters that are project-based and agreed upon in advance based on the applicable loan terms and scope of the representation.  As many of our clients know, we are able to prepare attorney opinion letters in all commercial transactions, including those in which we advise a client on legal matters from start to finish or for out-of-state attorneys or clients whose real estate transaction requires representation in Arizona. Our team is experienced with preparing and negotiating various types of agency financing, traditional bank loans, CMBS transactions and hard money loans.  For more information visit www.arizonalegalopinions.com.

In the past few months, we have delivered legal opinions in connection with:

– $17MM+ Freddie Mac multifamily purchase loan
– Assignment of a $15MM+ multifamily loan
– an Amended Credit Agreement for $10MM in revolving credit
– $10MM hotel refinancing
– $18MM+ multifamily refinancing
– $11MM+ CMBS shopping center loan
– $17MM multifamily assignment and recapitalization
– $7MM+ commercial real estate development and construction financing

On Thursday, October 8, Scott J. Stein presented a live webinar entitled, “Structuring Opinions of Counsel in Real Estate Finance Transactions; Navigating Assumptions, Qualifications, Limitations and Use of Letters, Reducing Risks for Opinion Givers”.  For more information, please visit https://www.straffordpub.com/real-estate-law.

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