Recent Developments – Fall, 2018 See Recently Closed Deals Below GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! LOOKING AHEAD TO 2019: Arizona’s New LLC Act Later next year, the newly enacted Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (the “Act”) will go into effect.  The Arizona State Legislature passed a new set of laws regarding the operation of Arizona limited liability companies … More GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!LOOKING AHEAD TO 2019:Arizona’s New LLC Act

Up, Up, and… AWAY!

Up, Up, and….AWAY! A common component in virtually all commercial real estate loan documents is the provision addressing late fees that kick in upon a borrowers’ failure to make timely payments. Recent Arizona case law has changed the enforceability of certain provisions regarding particular late fees. In 2017, the Arizona Supreme Court issued an opinion … More Up, Up, and… AWAY!

Yes, But There’s a Cure: A Legislative Update

  Yes, But There’s a Cure: A Legislative Update                 At the end of April, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a bill (Senate Bill 1406) passed by the Arizona State Legislature that will now give businesses an opportunity to correct any alleged violations of the Arizonans with Disabilities Act, which is the state’s version … More Yes, But There’s a Cure: A Legislative Update

Know Your Role or Roll the Dice

Know Your Role or Roll the Dice Whether as part of a joint venture, or setting up a new limited liability company or partnership, it is vital to know your rights, roles and responsibilities and those of your new partners. Arizona, like many states, differentiates limited liability companies into two big buckets:  “member-managed” and “manager-managed”. … More Know Your Role or Roll the Dice

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat             The Arizona summer is upon us and people everywhere are looking to cool down.  It’s no secret that issues with commercial real estate leases can naturally arise as tenants justifiably crank up HVAC units to keep their employees and customers cool and comfortable while some landlords fret the increased demand on … More Beat the Heat

Spring Training

Spring Training The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, flowers are beginning to bloom on the trees, and major league baseball teams are descending upon Arizona for spring training. Just as Arizonans and visitors are thinking about getting tickets for the first baseball games of the season, it is a great time … More Spring Training

We Provide Arizona Attorney Opinion Letters

We Provide Arizona Attorney Opinion Letters Stein Law is thrilled to announce the launch of its affiliated website,, which is focused on our practice area dedicated to preparing attorney opinion letters for all commercial real estate lending transactions.  We charge a flat fee for our attorney opinion letters that are project-based and agreed upon in advance … More We Provide Arizona Attorney Opinion Letters

Guaranteed Waives This Summer

Guaranteed Waives This Summer Loan guaranties typically contain many express “waivers” by the guarantor for the benefit of the lender.  By agreeing to such a waiver, the guarantor releases certain rights that could have otherwise frustrated the lender’s clear path toward recovery if exercised by the guarantor.  For example, waivers of notice, presentment and even … More Guaranteed Waives This Summer